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commissioned work  2012-2014

main street, pedestrian view
main street, aerial view
courtyard, aerial view

simulations for a mixed-use project in Sassine, Beirut (LB), 2014

renovated exterior view, main road
renovated interior, entrance
axonometric diagram, program

simulations and diagrammatic study for the renovation of Pasteur hospital in maameltein (LB) 

exterior, main street
interior, living room
interior courtyard
exterior, service road

simulations, façade study and design for a residential complex in Adonis, Zouk (LB) , 2014

interior view, gymnasium
exterior view

simulations for a competition entry : school in Romanellaz (CH), 2012

exterior view, school courtyard
interior view, classroom

simulations for a competition entry : extension of a school in Sion (CH), 2012

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