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interactive installation, 2016

in collaboration with Adriana Basbous

conceived during Creative Physics workshop, Beirut

exhibited at Station, Beirut


the installation is the outcome of a week-long workshop with artists Steffen Klaue and Jan Vormann, organized by Albedo platform.

the intimate and functional space of the shower is revisited in the light of infrastructural failure and parasitic interference, which have become normalized in the context of Lebanon and Beirut in particular. the installation reacts to motion, activating a radio speaker embedded in the shower head, the frequency of which can be controlled by the user through the knob.

pipe-travelling echoes gurgling waterworks brrrup abrupt electric tic tic noise pasitic tic tic conversations undocumented constructions short circuits underground galleries secret cities disrupted intimacies seas sees leaking borders interchangeable rumors mirroring waves fragments of a hybrid domesticity.

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