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research-based hypertext installation, 2015-2017

conceived during Ashkal Alwan's Home Workspace Program (2015-2016)

exhibited in Open Studios - Ashkal Alwan (2016) and Exposure 8 - Beirut Art Center (2017)

presented as lecture-performance in Zoukak Sidewalks Festival, 2016


this web-based installation is accessed through desktop computers. it presents a growing body of material configured as a network-timespace, a digital shadow of the city.

by transposing the entropic paradigm from thermodynamics, we re-read the city as a system whose parts tend to disperse and recombine in space and time despite systemic and internalized efforts to order and domesticate them through various forms of power and control.

working with disappeared city sectors, temporal glitches, evidence and symptoms of past or future events, the installation proposes a framework for accessing repressed entropic dimensions of the urban as threats to dominant orders.

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