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in studio LAMU, epfl, 2009



The project is located in Evian, France. Evian is part of the growing network of the lemanic metropole. The hub aims to create an interface between different mobilities, allowing a transition between land and sea and harboring public space. It is conceived as a bridge between the road and the port, a rectilinear connection between two points. The triangulated structure acts as a megastructure, permanent and heavy-duty, where smaller, more ephemeral installations such as retail, restaurants, and kiosks can activate the main space. Suspended in the void are public baths, presenting a more delicate atmosphere within the rough porous shell.


evian blue hub exploded axonometric

exploded axonometric view 


evian blue hub model

physical model

evian blue hub model entrance render

digital simulation : entrance to promenade

evian blue hub model public bath render

digital simulation : public baths


evian blue hub site plan

site plan

evian blue hub long section


evian blue hub plan 01
evian blue hub plan 02

plans of promenade (top) and baths (bottom)

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