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in studio ALICE, epfl , 2007

with dorette baumann (ch)




The project proposes a device to visualize and perform gravity, exploring the limit of stability and the role of perception.

In order to materialize the deformation brought on by gravity through weight, the line of ground is extruded into a deformable 3-dimensional model. The experiment becomes a device when it takes the shape of a chair, an everyday human-scale object made adaptable to the body's subjective stability.


experimenting ground

experiment 1 : weight and ground

experiment 2 : ground as a deformable space

connecting body to ground : the seat

gravity at work alice epfl walking chair

re/de/constructed chair

gravity at work alice epfl walking chair wireframe

typical movement (click to enlarge)

gravity at work alice epfl walking chair traces

traces (click to enlarge)

experiments 3-14 : performing gravity

3-channel vision, analysis of a case study. top, right, bottom views of movement and deformation

construction process

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