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sursock museum / explorers' guide for let's talk about the weather exhibition

sursock museum / explorers' guide and workshop for landscape in motion exhibition

marsa / trans* public announcement video

ashkal alwan /  open studios 2015 catalogue design

 marsa / pap smear infographic

 marsa / trans* leaflets & website

 ashkal alwan café /  event poster

 demo nights /  posters & music sets

 marsa /  hiv campaign posters

 zn /  bedroom mural

 ld /  medium mural

 adonis band /  bent el hawa set design

 taina design, tahiti / constructed sound



original works

collage series & public talk / fertile voids

illustration series / shou aam tehke

photo series / third eye

illustration & text / do i know you from somewhere?

miscellaneous illustration / blog





image lab hosts visual works using various techniques including illustration,  photography, graphic design and  computer-generated images.


browse commissions to see previous work produced for clients, or scroll down to explore independent projects and personal explorations


note : some projects are hosted on external websites like behance and tumblr. do not panic if you see a new window, it's not spam . 



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