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logo, 2014



about the yoga table


"Blend passion for food, love for movement, pursuit of healthy balanced living, spice up with Mediterranean conviviality and endless tables, and you will smell, savour and experience how The Yoga Table simmered to life under the fervent care and enthusiasm of Claudia and Yara. 

Strolling the globe to connect with beautiful souls, discover uplifting melodies and inspiring art, Claudia and Yara persistently strive to infuse elements of their travels in their culinary creations and their gracious get-togethers.

Determined to support the local farmers and honour Pachamama “Mother Earth”, their gatherings are an invitation to live sustainably, eat clean local food, and connect with like-minded people in the green surroundings.

Come and join them at The Yoga Table and prepare to discover new flavours, new parts of the body, new combinations that would take your senses to new heights."


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